I mentioned earlier this year that I have been working on a startup that is currently in stealth mode. We are slowly leaving that mode and have actually started several real world projects for real world customers, it's just that we haven't talked much about it in public.

The company is called factor10 and is a consulting company based in Sweden (Gothenburg, Ronneby and Malmo). The basic idea is that by hiring the best people we will be able to help customers in the best way.

You find the web here:

And the rss here:

What this means for me personally is that after almost 15 years in my one-man-company, I will now have colleagues at the same company. And not just any old colleagues - I'm going to be the stupidest one in the company, but I think that's very inspiring. Just to take an example, my colleagues have a long background in and lots of experience with dynamic languages (such as Python and Ruby) and functional languages (such as Haskell).

Another difference for me personally is that I will be more available for hands-on coaching projects, for instance. However, I'm very much of a doer, so that will still be my main thing.