Ah, Frans Bouma forced me to get back to blogging after the holidays by tagging me. So I'm now supposed to say five things about me that people probably don't know and then tag five other people.

  1. I chose the program I chose at the high school pretty much because I expected to meet a lot of girls... Mature, eh? :-) I had a hard time understanding programming in the two hours that were spent on that subject during high school. The teacher wasn't much better either. In one lecture he wondered who had cut a hole in the cover of the floppy disk that was used in the multi-user storage system. Yep, you guessed it, that was the "hole" the read/write head used...
  2. I'm not all that fond of traveling, unless I can take my family with me. Having said that, coming up is the highlight of the year work-wise with a trip to Arosa in Switzerland, where I'll be attending a workshop next week.
  3. I like to cook. I'm not very good, but I like it. I have tried to eat stone age food for three years now. Not strictly at all, but just an ambition.
  4. Even though we have both an Xbox and an Xbox 360, I more or less haven't played since Wolfenstein. I prefer outdoor activities in my spare time like jogging in the forest, skiing, skating, boating, and so on. Oh, and last week I went horse back riding for the first time in 30 years.
  5. I'm currently working on a startup that for the moment is in stealth mode. More soon...

I tag Niclas Nilsson, Eric Evans, Dan Byström, Gregor Hohpe and Rickard Öberg.