Anki and Magnus are at it again, running a new instance of the Expo-C conference, this time at Ullevi in Gothenburg. Here's the text from the front page of the web site:

Software Legends at Ullevi!

Many legends have performed at Ullevi in Gothenburg - Bono, Madonna, Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen, to name a few.

Now it's time for two more legends to enter the scene...

Their music may not sound as good, but their lyrics are the better!

Ralph Johnson and James O. Coplien will perform at Ullevi Conference Centre April 23-25! Yep! Can you possibly miss that?

And their companions are as brilliant: Dan North, Niclas Nilsson, Rickard Öberg and Jimmy Nilsson.

See you at Ullevi!

For more information, visit the Expo-C Gothenburg web site.