One of the highlights of the year is approaching. I'm thinking about DevSummit in Stockholm in two weeks' time, where this year I have the honor of being track chair. My track is "Building for the Enterprise" (some of the page is in Swedish).

The theme I came up with was that when building for the enterprise it's not just the big things that matter, but also the "small", daily things. They both matter a lot, so there are presentations about the coarse grained things that you probably decide about only once in a project. For instance, how to apply enterprise scale middleware using the cloud as the middleware and, perhaps, applying a new paradigm, like composite-oriented programming. There are also presentations about more fine-grained things, the sort of things that you think about every day, such as developers' ethics, how every single code line matters and how to test.

Those speaking will be:

You're going to love it!