It's been pretty quiet here on my blog for a while for one simple reason. It's been an extremely hectic year! Some of the larger and more unusual things that happened were:

  • A new house

    Not new as in brand new, but new as in another. Moving is really hard work (and we aren't actually done yet - the garage is still full for one thing), but it was definitely worth it!

  • A new bike

    OK, not that big a thing, but a fun thing with an engine.

  • A new company

    I have moved all my work efforts to factor10. We've had a fantastic 2007 and everything is pointing to it being an even better 2008!

But the title of this blog post was "another change". The next change for me is that I have given myself the gift of being more active on my blog for 2008. See you around and Happy New Year!